While many Americans may not be familiar with kombucha, this product has been prepared and served for hundreds of years in Asian countries. This fermented tea is touted for its beneficial properties in aiding digestion, cleansing the liver, and stimulating the immune system in the body. Think all the benefits of yogurt -without the dairy! We are fortunate enough to host Tha Best Kombucha II weekly at the Stuart Green Market. Their kombucha, formulated with all organic teas and essential oils, is unique in it is fermented in oak barrels. The “scoby” or Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeasts, which make this drink what it is, is grown naturally for two weeks, allowing the special fermentation process to fortify these delicious offerings. With flavors such as Blissful Berry, Winter Spice, Mandarin Ginger, Orange Mango and Toasty Oak, you will be sure to find a taste that your body will THANK YOU for!

Kombucha signblue kombucha bottlekombucha growler

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