Jeff Hinkley – Copper Artist

Jeff began over 20 years ago making high quality wind chimes with copper tubes and wood ball clappers. At that time, after working several years in photofinishing, printing and picture framing (and not finding his full expression), he came to realize that he needed to create his own business. After some inner searching, he discovered a desire to create a new type of wind chime. Thus the Thunderbird Chimes were born with a threefold purpose: to provide wonderfully mellow tones, to be very pleasing to the eye, and to be very durable.

After several years making and selling the wind chimes, Jeff felt a need to expand and began creating copper wall hangings. Nowhere else in our community can more innovative and original artisan craft be found. Jeff Hinkley can be found every Sunday at the Stuart Green Market and the Rockin’ Riverwalk concerts immediately thereafter. Come down to meet the artist and treat yourself to one-of-a-kind!

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