VENDOR OF THE WEEK: Should you be scouting for some unique pieces for decorating your coastal home, “IT’S A SHORE THING” may have just what you are looking for! Cast iron hooks, for use inside or out, are anything but common: bonefish, anchors, and sand dollars are just a few of the options available. A line of coastal signs are sure to bring a smile and custom orders are always accepted. Just ask for Patty the Mermaid Lady…

The Stuart Green Market is not just for local produce – our community artisans are here to amaze and proudly display their talents. Come for a Sunday visit…


flower cake

Perhaps a birthday or a wedding or a favorite holiday…Pick any day and it will be a treat to celebrate it with the artistry of “Candace the Cook”. As a vendor at the Stuart Green Market, we have all had the chance to sample the Best of the Best: maybe it was chocolate (of course, but the gluten free version is “to die for”!), or vanilla or key lime, maybe red velvet, carrot, peanut butter, or raspberry. Dream your favorite cake or cupcake variety and Candace can create a confection to celebrate any event.turkey cake

What at first appears to be a festive holiday staple (perfectly done just like mom’s) is ACTUALLY 100% cake and icing. How’s that for optical illusions? Come visit us on Sundays for more treats for your sweets!