Many people who are not residents of the state of Florida do not realize that our “off season” for vegetable production is actually right now – the summertime! While 49 other states are enjoying their peak growing season for crops such as lettuce, broccoli, kale, strawberries, corn, leafy greens, and more, Florida’s sub-tropical growing zones are generally too hot, too wet and too pest-laden for much of these traditional crops.

Glancing at the chart above, fruits such as avocado, mango, longan, lychee, carambola (star fruit), passionfruit and guava can be found in abundance from local growers along with other tropical favorites such as Seminole pumpkin, amaranth (callaloo), and black-eyed pea.

Taking the time to understand Florida’s special place in our nation’s crop production cycle will help foodies eat “local in-season”, and will help them understand why our local farm producers of vegetables are not at market in the summertime. As the summer heat subsides in early fall, our local farmers will be back at work planting and preparing their farms for our wonderful winter growing season! Stay tuned for their return!


Fall into fresh market offerings

Season is upon us at the Stuart Green Market! You can always tell when the farmers return and there gets to be a little, teeny-tiny cool down in the mornings. This week we are happy to have the return of Vertical Horizon Farm produce, as well as Stephen’s Produce join us again with their freshly harvested crops. Soon we will have on board D and D Farm and Kai Kai Farm with their produce offerings. Come and join us for great locally grown food, flowers, baked goods, custom artisan crafts, and freshly made gourmet prepared food for breakfast and lunch.