Many people who are not residents of the state of Florida do not realize that our “off season” for vegetable production is actually right now – the summertime! While 49 other states are enjoying their peak growing season for crops such as lettuce, broccoli, kale, strawberries, corn, leafy greens, and more, Florida’s sub-tropical growing zones are generally too hot, too wet and too pest-laden for much of these traditional crops.

Glancing at the chart above, fruits such as avocado, mango, longan, lychee, carambola (star fruit), passionfruit and guava can be found in abundance from local growers along with other tropical favorites such as Seminole pumpkin, amaranth (callaloo), and black-eyed pea.

Taking the time to understand Florida’s special place in our nation’s crop production cycle will help foodies eat “local in-season”, and will help them understand why our local farm producers of vegetables are not at market in the summertime. As the summer heat subsides in early fall, our local farmers will be back at work planting and preparing their farms for our wonderful winter growing season! Stay tuned for their return!


‘Tis the Season at the Stuart Green Market

While 49 1/2 other states in the United States of America are experiencing cold, ice, snow, and other wintertime afflictions, we here in Sunny Downtown Stuart are in the peak of our season! Our farmers are growing, our chefs are preparing, our bakers are, well, baking… Our artisan jewelers are creating wearable art for you! Our coffee roaster is perfecting the beans for your Mornin’ Joe! Wood workers are shaping trees into useful artifacts!  The Green Market proudly features independent, local vendors who take their creativity and love of their community to the level of mastery.  Nowhere else on the Treasure Coast will you find more unique and dedicated professionals.  And as you stroll along the waterfront and enjoy our Sunday morning marketplace, you will appreciate just how fortunate you are to be in the 1/2 of one state where Paradise happens year round…


VENDOR OF THE WEEK ~ GAVI’S GOODNESS! All natural, 99% organic, gluten free, dairy free MEGA HEALTHY and MONSTER DELICIOUS!! Treats that are family friendly (coconut macaroons you won’t feel guilty about eating…) Flax seed crackers, power and granola bars, sesame fudge, and other raw delights. Pumpkin spice cashew balls 🎃 – fabulous Fall fun for your tastebuds!  The Stuart Green Market is able to boast the finest chefs and hometown cooks on the Treasure Coast!

A New Season is Upon Us…


Although the Stuart Green Market operates year round, rain or shine, October represents the beginning of the “new season” for our Marketplace. The oppressive summertime heat begins to slowly retreat, our local farmers begin their seasonal crops, and new vendors bustle in on Sundays (alongside our diehard “regulars”)! From kombucha to coffee, French pastries to fresh veggies, honey to herbs, prepared gourmet delicacies to live toe-tapping music each and every Sunday – there is something here for you and your family. FRESH, LOCAL, HAND-CRAFTED, and EXCEPTIONAL. A Gem on the Treasure Coast! Come join us…

2016 Holiday Schedule


Greetings to all Green Marketers!

The Market will be closed on December 25, 2016 in observance of the Christmas Holiday. We will, however, maintain regular operation on January 1, 2017 – New Year’s Day!

Please join us in celebrating South Florida’s New Year’s SUNSHINE!


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Beginning with the finest imported ingredients, this local bakery finely crafts their traditional French specialties right here in our community! Whether you enjoy baguettes, croissants, Napoleons, fruit tarts, or melt-in-your-mouth quiches (or maybe brownies baked with real Belgian chocolate…), Le Petit Pain Gourmet French Bakery can transport your taste buds to another time and place.  Always delivered fresh to the Stuart Green Market in Sunday mornings, let Le Petit Pain help you begin your own gastronomic tradition. Unparalleled elegance!


Gajon Flutes

Introducing perhaps one of the most unique of all our skilled artisan vendors… Gary hand carves and shapes each of his Native American flutes into a magnificent musical instrument, not to mention a lovely conversation piece.  His “flute-inspired” carved walking canes are an additional offering for those who may not be so musically inclined.  Hearing the soothing tones of Gajon Flutes  may inspire you to your own heights of creativity, so join us at the Stuart Green Market on Sundays to sample the melodies!


While many Americans may not be familiar with kombucha, this product has been prepared and served for hundreds of years in Asian countries. This fermented tea is touted for its beneficial properties in aiding digestion, cleansing the liver, and stimulating the immune system in the body. Think all the benefits of yogurt -without the dairy! We are fortunate enough to host Tha Best Kombucha II weekly at the Stuart Green Market. Their kombucha, formulated with all organic teas and essential oils, is unique in it is fermented in oak barrels. The “scoby” or Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeasts, which make this drink what it is, is grown naturally for two weeks, allowing the special fermentation process to fortify these delicious offerings. With flavors such as Blissful Berry, Winter Spice, Mandarin Ginger, Orange Mango and Toasty Oak, you will be sure to find a taste that your body will THANK YOU for!

Kombucha signblue kombucha bottlekombucha growler


lulu1 Using the “lost wax method” of jewelry casting, Lulu carefully crafts her one-of-a-kind pure silver pieces into spectacular works of art. Whether she includes gemstones or rocks literally found on the shores of lakes, rivers and oceans of the world, Lulu’s jewelry reflects the organic nature of her craft. Every piece is hand made, hand signed and lovingly perfected – you will be proud to hand down this jewelry to future generations! Custom orders welcome… If you can dream it, Lulu can create it.


1796432_452597408173327_772758017_npretty eggs

Goat milk, goat cheeses, goat soap, chevre, kefir, beautiful-happy-hen-eggs! These are just some of the wonderful offerings from our fine local farm of Circle Bar C Dairy Goats. The young mothers are proud as, well, Nannies – of their young kids who happily call this Indiantown farm their home. Open pastured, fed on real grass. This local family farm offers Stuart the only source for goat milk products in our area. Proud and hard-working, please stop by to visit Mike or Jane to hear all about their adventures in goating!!